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Therma-Tru Launches Thrive Sustainability Initiative

Therma-Tru has launched Therma-Tru Thrive, the brand’s new social responsibility initiative, that features three key pillars: making life better at home; helping take care of our planet; and being a good neighbor.

Making life better at home

The first Thrive pillar examines how Therma-Tru products can contribute to a safer, more sustainable home. Therma-Tru’s complete door systems are built to help protect against energy loss and break-ins. Therma-Tru door systems are tested for 300 lb. of forced entry resistance (AAMA 1304). Plus, 85 percent of Therma-Tru doors are Energy Star qualified.

Helping take care of our planet

The second pillar focuses on responsible manufacturing and sourcing. Therma-Tru is finding ways to reduce the energy, water and materials used, and to reuse or recycle waste. For instance, more than 50 percent of Therma-Tru’s fiberglass end rails are made from more than 95 percent recycled content, and most of the scrap lite frame material is reused to make new lite frames. Leftover material cut out of the door for glass inserts is reused as insulation for barns, animal shelters, utility buildings and more. In 2021, Therma-Tru diverted more than 6.5 million pounds of waste from landfills – equaling the weight of approximately 260 school busses (based on the average weight of a typical school bus).

Being a good neighbor

The final Thrive pillar prioritizes charitable giving and community involvement. Therma-Tru has supported more than 100 organizations over the past 40 years, including Habitat for Humanity, Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors, United Way and more. Within the organization, Therma-Tru is working to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.